Four Components of The Fun Phonics Series

Gallistel-Ellis Test of
Coding Skills

Identify what your student needs to learn.

Fun Phonics Kit I

Skip the “rule drills.” A sophisticated instructional program simple enough for teachers and aides who don’t know all the phonics rules.

Fun Phonics Kit II

Move easily into decoding two-syllable words.

Fun Phonics Multi-Syllable
Word Builder

Phonics instruction for older students who still struggle with reading

Every student
can learn to read

But students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities need structured programs that meet their needs. Fun Phonics teaches reading and spelling skills to students in Grades K-6. It is a high quality, research based program for teaching struggling readers.

Quality materials developed by a leading expert are research based and classroom tested. Excellent materials to jump-start students in Response to Intervention programs.

The complete Fun Phonics Series consists of four components.

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