Fun Phonics Kit II

Fun Phonics Kit IIFun Phonics Kit II provides direct, explicit instruction in decoding and spelling. The Kit contains carefully organized Word Lists with many words which have the specific signals the student must recognize and respond to. Kit II also contains charts for the teacher to post, and games and other activities that provide practice and reinforcement.

For Whom Is Kit II Appropriate?

Fun Phonics Kit II continues and expands the skills learned in Fun Phonics Kit I, applying these skills to both one- and two-syllable words. Kit II is useful for teaching poor readers in second grade or beyond, who have learned the sounds for the letters and can read most one-syllable words with short vowels. Kit II is also appropriate for those who have already learned to decode additional types of one-syllable words, such as those with silent-E, vowel teams, or vowel-R. It reviews one-syllable words with each short vowel to prepare children to read the two-syllable words with that sound. Because of this built-in review, second graders who have not mastered reading words with short vowels can be included in groups using Kit II. When children have completed Kit II, they will be able to read most reading material at the end-of-second grade or middle-of-third grade level.

Overview of the Skills Taught

Kit II:

  • briefly reviews the Kit I skills, adding a few less common digraphs, and words with longer and more difficult blends,
  • teaches children how to read and write most one-syllable words with vowel-R, silent-E, and vowel teams, and
  • teaches children to read two-syllable words.

Before each set of lessons that teach two-syllable words with particular sounds and particular syllable structures, children review or learn one-syllable words with these sounds, and with the structure that signals these sounds. Then they learn to read two-syllable words by sequencing these syllables. They learn to divide longer words into syllables with their eyes, and to read the syllables in order before they search for a meaningful word.

Kit II includes writing activities that help children learn to sound out words. They include spelling lists and sentences for dictation to accompany the early, short vowel words, which can be spelled by following the sounds. When children begin to learn to decode words with long vowels and vowel-R sounds, they are taught by organizing words by common spelling patterns, reinforcing the phonic lessons being taught.

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