Fun Phonics Kit I

Fun Phonics Kit IWritten words represent their sounds with a code. Children who have trouble learning to recognize words by looking at them need to learn this code. They need to learn the sounds of the letters and letter pairs and how to sequence and blend these sounds into words.

The Fun Phonics Word Lists organize words in groups that help children recognize this code. The Teacher's Manual offers suggestions for teaching children to remember the sounds for the letters, how to blend and sequence them in words, and how to recognize letter groups that signal differing sounds. The game activities reinforce these skills and also help children learn the sight words that do not follow the code.

The Word Lists and teaching suggestions are based on a philosophy of learning each skill one step at a time. This allows children to succeed repeatedly, building their confidence.

word gamesMotivation is high when children succeed each time they try, so

  • Word Lists provide extensive practice with many words for the same set of skills; exclude words that require skills that have not been taught; and provide continuous review.
  • A “What Did I Say?” game teaches critical sequencing and blending skills.
  • Back-up procedures help children unlock words on their own; the teacher need not furnish the word.
  • Charts provide practice giving the sounds and serve as a memory back-up.
  • Games teach blending, silent-e , plural-s and verb-s endings, -ed and -ing endings, and sight words. Flip books practice short vowel words with nasal endings.
  • Activities to solve memory problems are described, for example, hand signals, finding words in stories, marking letters that signal certain sounds .

For Whom Is Kit I Appropriate?

Fun Phonics Kit I is suitable for beginning readers in pre-school through first grade, or for struggling readers who have not mastered the decoding and “sounding-out” skills measured in the subtests I-VI of the Gallistel-Ellis Test of Coding Skills (GE Test).

Overview of the Skills Taught in Kit I

Kit I teaches the sounds for the letters, and how to sequence and blend these sounds to read and write one-syllable words, with particular emphasis on short vowel words. It teaches children to read one-syllable words with short vowels, blends, common digraphs, nasal endings, vowel-R, long-vowel (silent-E) words and vowel teams.

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