Gallistel-Ellis Test of Coding Skills (GE Test)

A comprehensive measure of coding skills in reading and spelling--measures whether a student can give the sounds for the various letters and units or clusters. More importantly, it measures whether the student can recognize and spell words made up of these sounds.

The highly regarded GE Test is widely used in schools and programs for children with learning disabilities. Research has documented the validity and reliability of this important tool.

The teacher's manual provides detailed instructions for administering and interpreting the test. It includes directions on scoring and when to stop testing, and offers advice on test modifications. The test covers all categories of phonic structures:

  • Closed syllables with single consonants
  • Blends and digraphs
  • Silent-E words
  • Soft C and G
  • Vowel teams and vowel-r
  • Suffixes and modifiers
  • Multi-syllable and irregular words

Each test segment ends with non-sense syllables, identifying whether a student relies upon sight memory or has truly “cracked the code.”

Easy to administer. In less than 20 minutes the teacher knows what skills have been mastered and what to teach now. Post-testing can document the learning progress made. A clear and easy-to-use graphing system helps teachers identify student strengths, weaknesses and progress, and convey these to parents.

Evaluates progress in coding and decoding skills. Also a useful screening and identification tool for children with reading disabilities. Particularly useful in developing effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions, developing Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs), and monitoring progress.

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