Quality Counts

What Others Say

"The G-E test of Coding Skills is to my knowledge, the only criterion-referenced test that tells the diagnostician what is wrong with the student's reading and spelling skills. Other tests just confirm what we know, that there is a reading problem.  Diagnosticians need to know how to use "error analysis" to create a strong remediation plan."

C. Wilson Anderson, Jr., M.A.T.
Fellow, Orton-Gillingham Academy of Practitioners and Educators
Past President of the International Dyslexia Association
Consultant in private practice


"The Galistel-Ellis Test of Coding is always included in any reading evaluation that I do. This is the test to use if you want a quick and easy way to determine what an individual knows about the Code at the level of the phoneme and single word.  The student gives sounds for individual letters and combinations, reads single words that represent the rules of English Orthography, and spells words that reflect the same information.  For an instructor, the results are like a blueprint to follow which means that the student’s exact needs will be met while trial and error is eliminated. "

Jean A. Sawicki, M.A.
Multisensory Structured Language Educator/Orton-Gillingham
Reading Consultant