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Fun Phonics Builds Step-by-Step Reading Success

Learning to decode words means learning to:

  • Give the sounds of the letters;
  • Sequence these sounds correctly;
  • blend them into words or syllables;
  • respond to the changes in the sounds of certain vowel teams or vowel consonant teams; and
  • break longer words into recognizable syllables.

Fluent readers internalize these complex rules and code signals, and utilize them without conscious thought. The Fun Phonics materials provide focused practice that enables struggling readers to internalize these “rules.”

To recognize word patterns it is not necessary to memorize phonetic “rules.” When you read the word “necessary,” you do not say to yourself ‘c followed by e says /s/ and y at the end of a multi-syllable word often says /ē/.’ But your experience helps you respond correctly to these complex patterns.

Fun Phonics provides structured experience so that the complex decoding rules “make sense” for many children who were previously baffled by what appeared to be random letters.

Fun Phonics uses carefully planned, step-by-step decoding instruction. The Gallistel-Ellis Test of Coding Skills identifies the skills which need to be taught. Each Kit provides many experiences reading words that require children to apply each new decoding skill. Spelling activities support these reading skills. These decoding and spelling activities supplement oral reading of classroom story books.

Kit I teaches the sounds for the letters, and how to sequence and blend these sounds to read and write one-syllable words, with particular emphasis on short vowel words. Kit II briefly reviews these Kit I skills, adding less common digraphs, longer and more difficult blends, and one and two-syllable words with long and short vowels, vowel-R, silent-E, and vowel teams. Multi-syllable WordBuilder reviews and builds upon these skills to teach the decoding of multi-syllable words.

Fun Phonics Kits I and II each contain:

  • A Teacher’s Manual with clear instructions for teaching reading and spelling that ensure each child succeeds each time;
  • Carefully organized word lists with built-in review;
  • Games and activities that reinforce the lessons and keep students motivated;
  • Charts which can be posted and referenced while teaching to reinforce memory.

The advanced level Multi-syllable WordBuilder consists of a Teacher’s Manual and six books which teach both word recognition skills and vocabulary development.

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